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Traveling Tips in Bali:

  1. Do not forget your credit cards and make sure that your credit cards are issued by major international banking institution.

  2. For more common currencies, please bring American dollars and Indonesian rupiahs.

  3. Respect the Balinese customs, rituals and traditions, please follow the local rule and prohibitions

  4. Make sure that you bring your sun block, do not let the heat burn your skin.

  5. Visitors got loss easily in Bali, so make sure that you bring a complete and comprehensive map. You may ask the local for directions, the Balinese are well known for their hospitality.

  6. Bring a sufficient supply of prescription of the drugs. You may also purchase your medicine supply at local store with ‘’ Apotik ‘’ sign. Bring also any important items related to your medical history and your Physician’s information.

  7. Keep small change with you, you will never know how it will come in handy.

  8. Dress casually, but remember to dress properly when you visit a religious place. Also remember to choose the right shoes that will comport you while you are traveling.

  9. Three are two kind of money changer: one charges commission , and the other does not. The ones charging a commission offer a higher rate, but the commission charge is taken off the total. The no commission money charger offer a low rate but no charges are taken off. Always count your money before you leave the money charger and if you can, bring your own calculator.

  10. Avoid to change your money at a small money change which using higher rate then normal rate on their display advertising as they will use that to attract the customers come in and change money. they will be cheat your money using their magic fingers.

  11. There have been a few cases of handbags being snatched after tourist has cashed money at the banks or money charger! Put your money away in your ‘ bum bag ‘ or hold onto your handbag tightly.

  12. When attending the ceremony a few things you should remember :

    · Always wear a sarong, sash and proper cloth to cover your body.

    · Do not walk in the front of people praying.

    · Do not try to step on the offering which lying on the ground

    · Never sit higher then priest or the offering

    · Woman are not allowed to enter temple during their periods

  13. If you want using a metered taxi service, please make sure that you check the meter is running, ask the driver name, his must the same as on the display ID they have, also note and notice his car plate number. this way will be help you to find your stuff if you has left it in the car easily..