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(Price is per car included a private fully AC vehicle, petrol, parking and English speaking Driver)
Private passengers 1-7 person maximum. Pick up time on request.
Duration 6-7 hours

Home to hundreds amazing animals representing more than 50 species, including some of rare and endangered species. Combining Balinese cultural ambient with African Savannah, Bali Safari and Marine Park features the following exhibits featuring Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and cheetah are just some of the fascinating creatures that can be seen at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Fulfilling its mission of conservation, education and recreation through one of our attractive Elephant Show devoted to animals involved in conservation and education projects and so much more excitement by riding the elephant with our Elephant Back Safari around the African Savannah and get to see your favorite animal up close, in Animal Encounter make the Bali Safari and Marine Park's leading family attraction and adventure in Bali.

Taman Safari Indonesia is a member of WAZA (The World Associations of Zoo and Aquariums), SEAZA (The South East Asians Zoo Associations), CBSG (Conservations Breeding Specialist Group) and PKBSI (Indonesia Zoological Parks Associations).


Safari Journey

Our exciting and adventurous Safari Journey is one of our signature activities here at the park that takes the visitor through the habitats of Indonesia, India and Africa.


Coming face to face with many animals, the visitor has the opportunity to see our wildlife living naturally all together in these open range regions and you get to take as many photos as you like, all from the comfort and safety of your air conditioned safari tram, with your very own personal guide!!

Get 'up close' and personal with the animals as they approach your window side. Take pleasure when you plunge into 'Lake Manyara' where the Hippopotamus hang out all day to keep cool, get close enough to count the zebra's stripes, enter the Lion's den if you dare! Do your best to spot the tigers hiding in the dense jungle and be captivated by the enormous size of our male White Rhinoceros named Nelson.

We proudly invite you to come and experience the riches of wildlife right here at the Bali Safari & Marine Park's beautifully landscaped natural habitat setting that is home to our many magnificent animals. Your personal Safari guides are awaiting your arrival, so please be sure to bring all your wildlife questions along with you and our guides will be happy to help you learn more about the wonderful world of animals the next time you visit us here at the park..


Key Exhibits


Stroll along the road that leads you to the realm of Ranthambore, a recreation of an ancient Indian fort in the city of Rajashtan. Surrounded by the fortress relics, Ranthambore is the home of the majestic White Tigers that live in their truest habitat. Encounter the mighty beasts on ground or underwater.

Ranthambore is a national park and tiger reserve in Rajasthan state of western India. It is named for the historic Ranthambore fortress, which lies within the national park. The park covers an area of 392 km2, famous for its Bengal Tiger population, and is one of India's Project Tiger reserves, which got its status as a National Park in 1981. In Bali Safari & Marine Park, we use this abandoned Fort concept to be the home of our beautiful White Tigers and Reptiles where we can get up close and watch them swim.


Kampung Gajah

Elephant Village or Kampung Gajah is a sanctuary for retired forestry and other working elephants. Here, visitors can observe the wonderful care these majestic creatures receive and can even watch them playing. visitors also can ride on the elephant.

The Sumatran elephant is facing serious pressures arising from illegal logging and associated habitat loss and fragmentation in Indonesia. The island's elephant population has come under increasing threat from rapid forest conversion to plantations. As forests shrink, elephants are increasingly closer to fields and cultivated land, generating conflict with humans that often results in the death of the elephants by poisoning or capture, as well as economic losses to humans.




Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is the biggest lizard and heaviest on earth and exists only on Komodo Island National Park, Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara). This animal is Indonesian Endemic animal and also the icon of the country. The Komodo's saliva has tens kinds of deadly bacteria used to kill its preys. Komodo can detect the smell of dead animal up to 9 km away. They can grow to a length of 10 feet (over 3 meters), with an average length of 8 feet (2.5 meters) and weight of 200 lbs (91 kg.). Females are usually under 8 feet and weigh about 150 lbs. (68 kg.).

The Komodo dragon's keen sense of smell, if aided by favorable wind, enables it to seek out carrion. up to 5 miles (8.5 kilometers) away.
Despite its size, the Komodo is fast moving and agile. They can climb trees and like all monitor lizards they are good swimmers

Their teeth are laterally compressed with serrated edges, resembling those of flesh-eating sharks. They have about 60 teeth that they replace frequently and are positioned to cut out chunks of its prey. The highly flexible skull allows it to swallow large pieces of its food. The Komodos mouth is full of virulent bacteria and even if its prey survives the original attack, it will die of infection later. In addition, recent research 3,4 suggests that the Komodos have a venom gland which is more important in disabling their prey.

Young dragons up to 29 inches (.75 meters) live in trees and eat insects, birds, eggs, small mammals and other reptiles. They will descend from the tree for carrion.


Jalak Bali / Bali Starling (Leucopsar Rothschild)

Bali Safari & Marine Park has also been trusted as Curik Bali / Bali Starling conservation, which will be released in Bali Barat National Park. Bali Starling is the mascot for the pride of the people of Bali, Bali starlings fauna endemic only in Bali. This bird is very beautiful in blue around the eyes, with white feathers and black wing tip, has a beautiful crest, pointing to Section 2-5 cm long, with a distinctive form in which there is vertical elevation above the average. Gray beak blackish brown with yellow tip, has a bluish-green eggs with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Bali Starling has a body length of no more than 25 cm. In addition to the beautiful birds being targeted bird lovers because melodious voice.
distribution of this species is between Bubunan Buleleng Gilimanuk. However, when restricted to the West Bali National Park on the Cape Peninsula and the Great Dark Pahlengkong Prapat. Bali Starling habitat types of mangrove forests, beaches, monsoon forests and savanna.

Bali Starling categorized as endangered species by the World Conservation Society IUCN. Bali Starling is the largest fish by poachers who then sold illegally. This problem is exacerbated by the loss of natural habitat due to continued decline in forest area in Bali Bali starlings. With a population that is very critical, other threats such as erosion also follows the gene, intraspecific competition, natural predators, and diseases.
Conservation efforts are being made Nusa Penida Bird breeding. Planning on marriage and the legal trade in Bali starlings running on the open market. This is done so that the illegal trade in Bali starlings can be stopped. Save the Bali Starling into Indonesia Biodiversity..

Tour Price include:

* Hotel pick up and drop off
* A Private Fully AC Vehicle, Petrol, parking and English speaking Driver
* Private passengers 1-7 person maximum
* Tour Duration 6-7 hours.
* Departure Time: on request

Tour Price Exclude:

* Entrance Tickets.
* Lunch and drinks
* Personal expenses



Bali Safari Park Entrance Ticket Packages

1. JUNGLE HOPPER package


Adult: IDR780.000/person, Children 3-12 YO: IDR650.000/person, Toddler 0-2 YO: Free

INCLUSION: Animal Educational Show at 11.00 am, Bali Agung Show at 2.30 pm (Silver Seat), Elephant Educational Show at 11.45 am/4.30 pm, Fresh Water Aquarium (piranha feeding at 10.30 am), Fun Zone, Safari Journey, Water Park

2. Dragon package


Adult: IDR1.050.000/person, Children 3-12 YO: IDR920.000/person. Toddler 0-2 YO: Free

INCLUSION: Animal Educational Show at 11.00 am, Bali Agung Show at 2.30 pm (Gold Seat), Elephant Educational Show at 11.45 am/4.30 pm, Fresh Water Aquarium (piranha feeding at 10.30 am), Fun photo, Fun Zone, Meals, at Uma Restaurant, Safari Journey Trip, Water Park

3. LEOPARDS Package


Adult IDR1.500.000/person, Children 3-12 YO: IDR1.350.000/person, Toddler 0-2 YO: Free

INCLUSION: Animal Educational Show at 11.00 am , Animal photo, Bali Agung Show at 2.30 pm, Elephant Educational Show at 11.45 am/4.30 pm, 10 minutes Elephant Ride (depend on schedule after arrival), Express lane, Fresh Water Aquarium (piranha feeding at 10.30 am), Fun Zone, Lunch at UMA Restaurant, Safari Journey Trip, Souvenir, Water Park, Welcome Drink

4. RHINO Package (Booking confirmation with 24 hours.)


Adult: IDR2.050.000/person, Children 3-12 YO: IDR1.650.000/person, Toddler 0-2 YO: Free.

INCLUSION: Animal Education Show at 11.00 am, Animal Photo, Bali Agung Performance at 2.30 pm, Elephant Educational Show at 11.45/4.30 pm, Elephant Back Safari (30 minutes, schedule after booking has confirmed), Express Lane, Fresh Water Aquarium (piranha feeding at 10.30 am), Fun Zone, Lunch at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, Safari Journey Trip, Souvenir, Water Park, Welcome Drink. VIP lane at entrance gate (no waiting). 


5. Night Safari


Adult: IDR1.100.000/person, Children 3-12 YO: 900.000/person, Toddler 0-2 YO: Free.


INCLUSION: Night Safari Journey, Welcome drink, Dinner at Nkuchiro restaurant.



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