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Banjar Hot Spring

The sacred hot springs 'Air Panas' of Banjar are set in the midst of the jungle in a beautifully landscaped tropical garden, close to Lovina Beach, and it consist of three public and one private pool.
The sulphuric water is of volcanic origin and has an agreeable warm temperature of 37 degrees Celcius, ideal for people suffering from rheumatic diseases.

The pools

The hot spring water gushes from the mouths of eight stone carved naga (mythical, dragon-like creatures) into the oblong shaped upper pool.
From the upper pool the water overflows from the mouths of five more nagas into the largest of the three pools, which is square shaped and situated at a lower level.
Adjacent to these pools is the third and smallest one from which the water poors down via three 4 meter high spouts, giving you a strong, reviving massage.
There is a small temple at the spot where the water wells up from the ground, encased by a low, stone structure.


Air Panas, Hot Springs of Banjar - North Bali     There is a cozy restaurant on the grounds of the hot springs where you can have a good lunch against low prices.
At the right side under the elevated restaurant are a few changing cabins, cramped and rather smelly, and an outdoor shower can be found adjacent to the largest pool.

How to reach the hot springs of Banjar

The hot springs can easily be reached from Lovina Beach by bemo or by public bus to the junction of the main road (Jalan Seririt-Singaraja) with the road that leads to Banjar village. From there you can take an ojek (motorbike taxi) or a dokar (horse cart), or make a steep climb on foot. From the village of Banjar it is a one km walk or drive uphill (follow the signpost shortly after the village market) to the carpark of the hot springs. Buy your ticket (Rp. 3,000) from the small office and run the gauntlet for a few hundred meters along the hawkers stalls to the entrance of the baths.     Air Panas, Hot Springs of Banjar - North Bali

Best time to visit

After 10am (and especially in the weekends and national holidays) its starts to get crowded with both local people and tourists. The best time to visit Air Panas, the hot springs of Banjar is as early as possible in the morning when it is still quiet in the pools.